Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Year, Another Burning Desire To Punch People In The Head

I just dropped off my children at school for their first day of fifth and first grade. I am always taken aback when I walk into a school and I am reminded of just how damaging last year was. I go in prepared to fight, it reminds me what a great child Stark is because he doesn't go around stabbing kids with pencils.

(Right about now you're asking yourself, "who is Stark?" That is my son formerly know as Travis. Stark is his middle name and it's so awesome he's decided to use it now. All of the bullying and unpleasantness that happened last year happened to Travis, so I think by becoming Stark he feels like he isn't that victim anymore. I'm just gonna go with it.)


~Even though my child transferred to L&C last year I still have to register them at their "home school", S, and apply for the transfer every year. Then there is still no guarantee
~I didn't find out until Tuesday that the transfer was approved.
~I didn't find out until Thursday who their teachers are. Today is Monday their first day of school, that left me a whopping FOUR days to get their school supplies
~I was told I could get the school supplies list off of the district web site. L&C was the ONLY school who had NO LIST available on the net.
~I was informed that because my children were "transfers" and not "overflow" that the district would not provide transportation. Well does it matter that I had to transfer them because my boy was getting the shit kicked out of him every day and NOTHING was being done about it?

I forget how angry I still am about this. It's isn't something I dwell on until I have to enter a school and then it hits me. It is definitely something I have to work on letting go of. I know this.I hate feeling so hostile because I'm used to just not giving a crap. Apathy is my friend... I'd like to get back to that. I'm too lazy to stay pissed off.