Friday, November 21, 2008

A Step In The Right Direction or Monkey S**t


so my oldest boy, who is a terrific kid, has been dealing with some social problems. he's very smart and a lot cuter than the ghetto trash at school. he's a nice kid, but just doesn't make friends easily, he isn't picking up on a lot of the more subtle social cues. as a result he's become a target by ugly, smelly, children whose parents are inbred and too busy doing meth to teach them right from wrong. (more commonly known as bullies) it's become so bad that we are going to change schools after christmas. we have been working with him on standing up for himself. he has been told that if someone lays hands on you.... give 'em the beat down. we've also told him that if someone insults him to insult them right back. because he's only 9 he hasn't developed that "higher" sense of humor. (he still has "stupid head" in heavy rotation). today, however, was a step in the right direction. some ugly girl in his class told him, "my brother says you smell like pee!" (this is untrue.... my child bathes regularly and doesn't wet his pants.) so my little dude comes back with, "yeah? well tell your brother he smells like monkey shit!"......... today was a good day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Should Be Every Day

i love halloween. it's always been my favorite holiday. now that i have children and can sew it's twice as much fun as it was when i was a kid. i usually make all of my kids homemade costumes every year but i was out of town a lot and the boys kept changing their minds. (TS at one point wanted me to find giant suction cups so he could be the Hulk and climb buildings.... i get this a lot. he comes up with these impossible things that only George Lucas would have the resources to manufacture)

TS settled at the last minute for a "Handsome Devil"... he ain't wrong...

Ian wanted to be an "army guy" but when we went costume shopping he decided on a "hunter". however, with the dead monkey on his back i'm sure he's more of a poacher.... could be a bigfoot baby? never know

my Lily was the only one to get some of mommy's hand made goodness. (did that sound dirty?) she did Cinderella right! you can't see in the pic but she's covered in sparkles.

every year we go to the halloween party at the church and every year i walk in and feel sorry for other peoples children.... really? you wrapped a roll of toilet paper around your kid and called it a costume... really? put some effort into it. yes, i'm a total snob about my childrens' costumes, but at least i admit it.