Friday, February 19, 2010

Fame Whoring In The USA!

Just watched Tiger's "speech" and all i can say is, L to the O to the L! At what point did it become necessary for an adulterer to apologize to the nation? The people he owes the "I'm sorry to" are his wife, kids, and his mama for ruining her good name... in that order. He needs to quit wasting his time in "rehab" and muggin for the cameras and use the time to be on his hands and knees at his wife feet doin whatever the hell she wants him to do. Everything he said should have been handled at family dinner on Sunday.

I was sad to hear him say that Elin never beat on him. It gave me the warm fuzzies to think that she took a few whacks at him with that club. It seemed to level the field a bit. Pity.

However, HANDS DOWN the best thing to come out of this press conference is Gloria Allred's rebuttal complaining about how Tiger didn't apologize to his former porn star mistress. Yes, the all powerful Gloria wants to know why Tiger didn't say he's sorry to his girlfriend of three years... Perhaps because the home wrecking trollop doesn't deserve one! She is just as guilty as he is. There is NO WAY that that woman didn't know he was married. There isn't a person on this planet that hasn't heard of google... that ho knew he was married. There are some places that you just don't go, and a married man's bed is one of them. You should see this mess. It's a lovely example of fame whoring and it's enough to make you puke.

So a quick reminder for Tiger on how to have a happier life. Marriage is sacred. Period. You DO NOT cheat. No matter who you are. "Best golfer in history tag" does not give you a license to swing your dong around like it's a magic 9 iron. Famous has NEVER equaled God.... maybe he could have it engraved on his golf clubs, or tattooed on his man parts, lest he forgets... again

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