Friday, October 22, 2010

Law And Disorder

I've been watching Law and Order: Los Angeles (not a bad show but they need to use more of the trade mark gavel sound. That mess is like cow bell, you need more of it) and that got me thinking about how criminals are sentenced in this country. Let's take murder for example, more specifically attempted murder. In a court of law a murder conviction will earn you a bigger sentence than an attempted murder conviction. Doesn't that just mean that we are rewarding potential murderers for being too inept and to finish someone off? Or is it punishing the victim for being too stubborn to die?

Judge: "Mr. Psycho, you have committed a heinous crime. You broke into the victims house, killed their dog, beat them with a pipe until the side of their head caved in, and set them on fire. The victim is now blind, deaf, and without use of any of his limbs. You deserve no less than a needle in your arm or to spend the rest of your life behind bars. BUUUUUT since you didn't kill him Ima go ahead and say you get 10 years." *looks at victim that barely resembled a person* "You shouldn't have been fool enough to live." *shrugs* *bangs gavel*

So all of this is going through my mind and I happen to think of Amy Fisher. Why, in the name of all that is holy is she out of jail and free to make porn? She shot that poor woman in the face. THE FACE! Just because Mary Jo Buttafuoco was too damn tough to die doesn't mean Amy deserves to be out in society. Amy Fisher is obviously insane. She shot a woman in the face, THE FACE, for a guy that's a bigger douche than The Situation and Pauly D put together.
See what I mean? Completely insane.

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